Camping Packages

Arrive in style and let us take care of the nitty gritty with prepaid and pre-pitched tents. We have a range of tents depending on how many people you plan to shack up with and all the accessories you’ll need to make sure you’re snug and cosy.

We have several options to cater for all levels of adventurousness:

  • Prepay for your tent and arrange to collect it with Pamper the Camper at our General Campsite on the day. You can even organise Pamper Packs with all the weekend essentials to keep you pristine!
  • Go one step further and get the Pamper the Camper guys to set up your HQ for the weekend. On arrival in the General Campsite you can choose the spot of your choice to have your new home erected.
Please note: if you purchase your tent with Pamper the Camper it is your responsibility to take it home with you once the festival has ended.

Camping Packages

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