Arbutus Yarns

Situated in a forest glade deep in the woods, Arbutus Yarns Theatre is a place for the festival-weary to rest their bones. Choosing to settle in one of the many sofas and armchairs under a canopy of trees and lanterns, let yourself be immersed in live music at a slower pace, and more horizontal position.

The day begins with an Open Mic session complete with house band. In previous years, by inviting any festival goer to take to the stage and play a song, the Arbutus Yarns open mic has showcased scores of under-represented and unheard artists who have stumbled upon the session from wandering in the woods and performed one song or more, to large and very attentive audiences. Ye Vagabonds, The Ocelots, Anna Meike, David Keenan and poet Stephen James Smith are just a handful of artists that curator and music documentarian Myles O’Reilly has discovered this way, and later filmed for his acclaimed music video blog Arbutus Yarns.

In the evening, this couch laden amphitheatre continues to showcase a delicately curated roster of intimate performances, collaborations and conversations until midnight arrives, at which point the surrounding forest becomes a dance floor until early in the morning.