Delve deeper. Learn, question, broaden the mind. The arts and culture roster at Body&Soul continually welcomes our guests into a fantastical and stimulating programme of events featuring inspirational talks, impromptu spoken-word performances, immersive theatre experiences and unexpected installations.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Body&Soul, and we collaborate with artisan makers and doers across the Castle grounds, spreading knowledge and skills through mini-workshops and demos like woodworking, organic soap making, rope-weaving and much more. From award-winning theatre companies of international renown to our favourite up and coming performers, we animate the 15th Century Walled Gardens, the earthy intimacy of the woodlands and the open expanses of the Castle paddocks with environmentally conscious craft that reimagines traditional processes for a new era.

The arts at Body&Soul isn’t a concept, it’s a multitude of collaborators from all disciplines making magic together.

Here are the realms in which we bring the art to life:

Bulmers Lounge: Tucked away within the Walled Garden, the Bulmers Lounge is a bustling barrel of entertainment. Expect pop-up performances, theatrical spectacles, spellbinding storytelling and top-class Irish music. If you want to see the best of what Ireland’s creative forces have to offer then make a beeline for the Bulmers Lounge.

Wonderlust Stage: A stage of curiosities at Body & Soul, Wonderlust is dedicated to the mutual exchange of wonder and discovery. The line up includes live music, performance, conversations, talks and workshops. The Wonderlust spirit is grounded in connection, intimacy & belonging. We believe inspiration can be infectious and get excited about looking at the world through a different lens. In 2016 we saw pioneering Drum’n’Bass DJ Goldie discuss ‘How Creativity Saved My Life’ and THEATREClub’s Grace Dyas chat revolutions with Senator Lynn Ruane.

Second Nature: Second Nature is an enchanted menagerie of lush music, contemporary performance, nature-based art and zen-like pockets of peace, nestled among the centuries-old oaks, pines and ash trees of Ballinlough Castle’s forest. This otherworldly woodland cocoon takes Body&Soul back to its lo-fi roots: celebrating ideas, intimate moments and the opportunity to disconnect and chill-out.

Earth Spirit: Let us take you on a magical journey down the rabbit hole and into our shared vision of wonderland. Entering through the willow portal entrance, you’ll hop travel into magical geodesic gardens. Meander onwards to the cob pizza oven with its snazzy wooden roof and enjoy a slice by the homely fire pit.

Vodafone Comedy Tent: Laughter is the best medicine at the Vodafone Comedy Tent and the consistently great line-up means there are always giggles on the breeze at Ballinlough. Featuring Ireland’s most charismatic and entertaining comedians, 2016 saw a mixture of stand-up, panels discussions and kids comedy from the likes of Eleanor Tiernan, Al Porter and the Rubberbandits.

Body HolidaysBody Holidays is our homage to the 1970’s holiday camp. We’ve taken the ubiquitous holiday destination of yore and turned it into a modern mix of competitions, music, theatre and a DJ in an ice-cream van. At night, Body Holidays becomes ‘My House’, recreating the convivial energy of your house parties with a backdrop of quality beats.

The 2016 Experience

Up in flames…

Fire-breathers created quite the spectacle…

Circus Delights…

…charmed the amazed crowds.

We giggled and giggled…

As Joanne McNally took to the comedy stage.

Arts & Culture at Body&Soul…




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Summer Solstice Weekend, June 23-25th 2017