Body&Soul Ethos

Body&Soul is a festival full of surprises that takes place over the Summer Solstice weekend, 22 – 24 June 2018. When you enter the beautiful grounds of Ballinlough Castle you are encouraged to shed your weekday skin and enter an otherworldly realm, where new ideas, experiences and performances lie around every corner. Body&Soul uses art, music, wellbeing, discussions, nature and food to create a place like no other in the wild Irish countryside.

During your time at Ballinlough we encourage you to tap into the side of yourself that might stay hidden year round whilst exploring our vast array of music stages, art installations, hidden forest dens and al fresco spas. Body&Soul was created by a group of like-minded creative people who wanted to celebrate life in all shapes, colours and persuasions and the Summer Solstice weekend – a time when the boundaries between our worlds mingle and meld – seemed like the perfect occasion.

“The idea that Body&Soul operates in another time zone is not that ridiculous…” – Irish Times


Since Body&Soul began we have hosted stellar line-ups on sparkling stages, masquerade balls, woodland discos, sumptuous feasts and steaming hot-tubs. Our broad range of events means there is something for everyone from the electronic music head to the family of five. We encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and gain a new perspective, drawing on the knowledge of our eclectic performers. Our best and most memorable parties have come from the amazing energy of the people that attend and collaborate with us.

Body&Soul does not subscribe to the typical festival model, our festival is an entire experience for the body and mind rather than a series of concerts. We provide both revelry and recovery, with nights of dancing in the forest followed by afternoons soaking in an outdoor bathtub or engaging in mindful meditation. We don’t dictate your path but we give you the opportunity to take your time, allowing the cycle of the day to include rest, relaxation, discussion and enlightenment before switching gears and guises for the evening’s events.

We are committed to sustainability, operating green campsites, constructing sustainable stages, recycling, incentivising greener travel and many more initiatives. Learn more about our sustainability programme here.

We’re an independent festival with a heart-shaped mind and a cutting-edge soul.

Summer Solstice Weekend, June 22 - 24 June 2018