• 21–23.June.2013
    • Ballinlough Castle
    • Co. Westmeath
    • 21–23.June.2013
    • Ballinlough Castle
    • Co. Westmeath

My House

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A Little bit about My House

‘My House’…Familiar Nostalgia, with a hint of cringe.

Everyones favourite house in the woods is back! With more Home from Home music and madness. Last year the party never stopped at my house and this year we are planning even more… Apron wearing, tea sloshing, pan crashing, hoover pushing, duster flapping fun for all our visitors.

Our 80′s style kitchen with the magic backstage fridge door will be home once more to our crew of 5 star DJ’s. Playing nostalgic guilty pleasures, rock and roll, funk and groove, reggae, hiphop and disco.

You can be sure to jump on the furniture to tunes you know and love. We have a strict ‘no boring dark electronic music’ policy keeping the vibe lively, fun and familiar. The hot ticket of last years festival was our very own 12 year old DJ ‘Little J’, who will be back, cool as a cucumber, to wind the ‘grownups’ up into a frenzy.

One minute you’re dancing and the next you are dressed in a Nightie hanging up the washing with a hoover clonking your shins in time to the music.

Bring your friends, your dancing shoes, your sense of humour and expect to stay the weekend!


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