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What some previous interns have to say…

“I learned a whole lot… more than I have in college! I learned about the inner workings of a festival – how it is managed from start to finish, how to work with a team and work out problems as a group. I also learned about myself and how to keep stress in check. I’m more aware of the ins and outs of festival management and I also met some great people who I know will help me with my career.”

Sarah Trainor

Administration Intern 2015.

“It’s a really great, helpful and friendly team of people to work with. I learnt a lot about running a festival of this size. It was great to learn about the safety requirements you need to meet to get it running. It was great to think of creative ways to address the issues that cropped up. I also made lots of contacts, which will be useful in the future.”

Naomi Murray

Sustainability Internship 2015

“At B&S, interns are not here to just make copies, fetch coffee or deliver envelopes. We are rolling up our sleeves to do serious work. You will get to see how each wheel is set in motion! I thank my lucky stars I Interned at B&S, I can say I walked out with something new every day.”

Sarah Richardson

Administration Intern 2013

During my time in Body&Soul I learned a great deal about festivals and events. Working with Body&Soul was always a wish of mine and when I got the opportunity in February I was delighted! Everything I learned learn in those 8 months helped me advance in the working world; If I were to apply for a job now in events I’d feel very confident in my abilities. Not only is the experience worthwhile but the people you meet are lifelong connections and, even more importantly, friends. Working with Body&Soul is not like any internship: you’re actually given manageable responsibilities and deadlines which helps you realise what the real world looks like.

Ellie Dowling

Administration Intern 2016

From day one, the team in Body&Soul were friendly and supportive. They were welcoming and warm, made all the interns feel at ease and were there to answer questions and gave me the tools I needed to complete the internship successfully. I learned the tools of the trade in order to prepare for the festival and on completion of my internship, was offered four jobs based on the work I had done. Since then, more work has come my way, and there is more in the pipeline. At the moment, I am self-employed and the internship I completed with Body&Soul is the foundation for the work I am currently doing.

The Body&Soul team were very generous with their time and experience, and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without them.

Corinna Flood

Traders 2016

My internship with Body&Soul has been invaluable. The exposure in terms of meeting people and the experience I received has greatly benefited my career. From all the various transferable skills, to just being part of a team who create one of Ireland’s most inspiring festivals, it’s an experience I am delighted to have been a part of. The team have a contagious passion for what they’re doing. Even after finishing my internship, I know the Body&Soul team is there to help me with my future endeavours. I learned how to work effectively as part of a small team, and how to communicate with audiences, artists, stakeholders and colleagues – I could endlessly list the skills I developed during my internship but on a personal level, Body&Soul’s creative environment gave me the opportunity to finesse my strengths. During all of this, the friendly and welcoming team is always there to assist and guide you.

Jack O’Dea

Marketing Intern, 2016