For a band that arrived into the world in 2012, Birth may seem like a slightly incongruous title for a debut album. But for Young Wonder, the days, weeks and months in between their first eponymous EP, and today, has made sense. The electronic pop duo spent the last three years writing, releasing, rehearsing and refining – all the while picking up fans in the most unlikely places: influential websites and writers and a small but perfectly formed core of fans spread across the globe.

For Rach and Ian, time, that precious commodity, has been well spent. Recorded at the band’s base in Cork, Ireland, the 12-track record has been something of a happy cross-party collaboration: from Rach and Ian’s workflow to the guest appearances (Colm O’Herlihy’s guitar contributions, US rapper/producer Marce Reazon’s and Sacred Animals’ Daragh Nolan’s vocal turns) to the visual contributions from designer Joe Castro, photographer Sarah Doyle and the band’s string of exceptional videos from label boss Brendan Canty.

Many hands make light work, but the core of the record remains the product of the two who are closest to the heart of the band. There are two distinct personalities in Young Wonder, but their shared passion shines through.