Pilates & Chill with Audrey O’Connor, AerFitness Dublin

Audspilates is one of Irelands leading Pilates instructors, combining Pilates, Functional movement and Dynamic stretching into every element of her teaching practice. Her educational background has been in Sports therapy, Rehabilitation and Personal training. She then began to explore Pilates as a tool to supplement her Rehabilitation & Personal Training work and throughout the years Pilates became her passion.

After working in the industry for years with an array of clients ranging from strength and conditioning Irelands top class athletes to clients with various disc pathologies , she then furthered her studies with Polestar Pilates UK, one of the worlds leading Pilates qualifications. Since then Auds has travelled to Los Angeles to certify with LA’s top trainers to certify in Aerial Yoga teacher training.

To be a great Pilates instructor you must practice what you preach! Audrey practices Pilates daily while supplementing pilates training workouts with resistance training with weights, yoga, boarding and hiking (especially at home in Dingle) and consuming a balanced vegetarian diet.

In every Pilates session Audrey incorporates strenght and conditioning, with an emphasis on toning muscles, alignment and body sculpting. Every session is followed by a little meditition to calm the Mind, Body and Soul!