Baroque, fantastical and passionately individual, Austra’s take on electro pop and club music comes from a place devoid of outside influence: “I never had any interest in whatever pop culture was around. I was just focused on what I was doing,” says frontwoman Katie Stelmanis. More informed by the rigour associated with a childhood immersed in classical music, Stelmanis’ style often draws from the dramatic overtures of opera. The resultant sound is meticulous in its construction while still possessing a raw, emotional openness in its content and delivery. Veterans of the Body&Soul Stage, Austra’s newest release Future Politics addresses the instability and political unrest of our current age while positing new utopias against a backdrop of propulsive, minimalist dance music

Critically lauded in both her native Canada and further afield – we’re thrilled to have Austra showcasing her breathtaking, kaleidoscopic talent with us again in 2017.