Baxter Dury

Delusional and hopeful. Loving but injured. Full of vitriol though brimming with forgiveness. Intensely personal yet brutally open. Self-proclaimed “geezer” Baxter Dury’s fifth album is a private meditation into the very real relationship breakdown he experienced.

An adult break-up record that features collaborator Ash Workman from Metronomy, Baxter Dury is the son of beloved British musician Ian Dury (behind the infamous ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll’) with a penchant for witty lyricism and braggadocious characters that mesmerise and amuse.

With a back catalogue of sporadic releases that have received considerable acclaim, Dury has always pushed the envelope and taken new departures from his previous work. Latest release Prince of Tears has seen comparisons drawn to the likes of Sleaford Mods (who also appear on the work) and Leonard Cohen, making Dury the perfect artist to indulge your dark side and access those your inner emotions.

It all adds up to a short, sharp blast of an album. Pretty much every punch lands. Dury is alternately very funny, oddly disturbing and genuinely touching, which is a lot of ground to cover in under half an hour.The Guardian