Birdy Nam Nam

Birdy Nam Nam are driven by one desire: to make the crowd dance. After 4 albums spanning 10 years of wild escapades, the DJ crew released Dance or Die in 2016, an album dedicated to the dancefloor that features odes to trap and turntablism. Having founded their own label, the Parisian trio have moved into new and exciting territory, exploring deeper bass lines and collaborations with the likes of Calvin Davey, Elliphant and Dogg Master amongst others.

Using the turntables as much like a pair of instruments as possible, Birdy Nam Nam have long been emblematic of France’s electro scene, but it was Skrillex’s remix of ‘Goin’ In’ in 2012 that helped to propel them into the broader EDM consciousness. A$AP Rocky got in on the act in 2013 and ‘Wild for the Night’ featured on many end of year lists, cementing Birdy Nam Nam as cult tastemakers in dance music.