Bryony Kimmings

Critically acclaimed performance artist, playwright and activist Bryony Kimmings perform at Body & Soul Festival. Join her telling stories, being stupid and singing songs. Inspired by taboos, stigmas and social injustices Kimmings creates mind-blowing, multi-platform artworks to provoke social change. The work generally has a theatrical outcome but often incorporates many other mediums, including high profile PR, television/radio and social campaigning.Much of her work is centred around outlandish experiments that Kimmings conducts IRL with genuine genius intrigue and wholehearted fearless gusto. The artist sets her sights on the impossible and un-conquerable and tries to change public secrets into the years hottest topics.

 Previous works have seen the artist retracing an STI to its source, spending 7 days in a controlled environment in a constant state of intoxication, and becoming a pop star invented and managed by a 9-year-old. Bryony’s award-winning work has toured across the world. Most recently National Theatre (London), Melbourne International Comedy Festival (Aus) and Lisinski Opera House (Croatia). Kimmings most recent work includes a Cancer Musical commissioned by British Theatre company, Complicite that has just toured Australia and a Channel 4 documentary “Artist in Residence” which airs in June 2018 and see’s Kimmings exploring Sexual Health in modern Britain.