Fatima Al Qadiri (Live)

Fatima Al Qadiri’s new wave electronica will be joining us in Body&Soul this Summer Solstice. The Kuwaiti musician has pushed boundaries with her latest EP Shaneera – a mispronunciation of the Arabic meaning “evil queen” –  to explore Arabic drag, queer anthems and even Grindr chat. According to Pitchfork “the output of Fatima Al Qadiri is about as far from the stereotype of dance-floor workouts as it is possible to go,’ and over 3 albums Al Qadiri has consistently produced work that is in dialogue with current events and cultural movements. Released on Hyperdub last October, Shaneera deftly plays with video game melodies, Arabian scales and grime to create powerful music to be moved by.

Electronic music can be experimental, danceable, thought-provoking, and fun. But to combine all of these attributes in a record that also breaks new sonic ground is a remarkable achievement.” – Pitchfork