Fears is the project of Dublin based musician and producer Constance Keane. Her music is a combination of reflective electronics, acoustic samples and haunting vocals fused with organic visuals, inviting the listener on an ethereal journey. Releasing two singles in 2016, Keane followed up with new track h_always, in 2018, a track which was inspired by her stay at a psychiatric hospital created in the facilities music room which was an outlet that proved vital to her recovery during her stay. Set to haunt the Pagoda stage with her melancholic and dark tones we cannot wait for Fears to join us in June.

“There’s something otherworldly about Constance Keane… Fears is coming out of the shadows more and more, and anticipation is rising for more of those tenebrous melodies. It seems like Keane is ready and waiting to haunt the music scene with her melancholic and dark tones” – The Thin Air