Felix Power

Felix likes that moment when, in the pitch-black, someone strikes a match and for a second we’re blinded by the light from a tiny flame. This same instinct draws him to the darkest corner of a sunlit room and leads him to make art that looks for the contrast between darkness and light. His works are laden with sincerity, compassion and didactic sermonising expertly disguised under blankets of flippant humour and childish vulgarity.

He is driven by a passion for making and since the very first time he made a thing, he hasn’t stopped. His favourite materials are tiny fragments of nature, rusty metal and old objects that are too interesting to throw away but too broken, useless or obscure to do anything else with. Things that he’s made include living sculptures made from moss and plants, decorative seating areas at Irish and UK Festivals, a small house, post-apocalyptic weather-vanes and a slightly wobbly table.

In response to Body&Soul’s theme of “Alchemy”, this year Felix has created a set of 6 telescopes lining the central avenue in the Walled Gardens. These tubular microcosmic tableaus overlay intricate fantasies onto blurred reality, juxtaposing the stuff that is there with the stuff that isn’t – resulting in startling visions of Victorian futurism through the medium of analogue augmented reality.