HMLTD are a six-piece, whose origins lie somewhere between the UK, Greece and France. As one of the most confounding acts to appear in London in recent memory, with equally galvanising music and visuals, stories of chaotic and incendiary live shows to packs of mosh-pitting followers and compatriots, and art installations HMLTD create an atmosphere where the lines between performers and audience are ever-blurred. A show at London’s 100 Club sold out in less than a day, and has been followed by UK, European and festival dates throughout the summer (full list can be found below).

Continuing their collaboration with director Jenkin Van Zyl, recent release ‘To The Door’ is an audio-visual bucking bronco ride of fantasy and myth, sci-fi and the terrestrial, savagery and élan, the unattainable and the tactile, coming together for a mesmerising assault on the senses.

It’s another opportunity to join HMLTD’s uncompromising, all-in, fiercely adventurous and wholly irresistible world.