House of Yoga – The Alchemy of Technology and the Body

In the safehouse of the Wonderlust walled garden, bathed in rhythmic deep and disco vibrations, House of Yoga invites you to plug into your base, power up your core and ‘download’ balanced frequencies to regulate all parts of your ‘house’ and connect your body, heart, mind and soul energy into a unified frequency.

Through syncing balanced breaths and even movements, we will alchemise digital music frequencies into the body and call in the ‘retune-ification’ of our individual ‘house’ with the collective House! The wifi logo symbolises the 7 energy centres of the body and we work from base to crown to upload internal and external attunement.

Suitable for all levels, no mat needed, just your ‘house’! – this is a fun and deep practice where we can truly experience unity, lightness and wonderment within and without. Tune into unity in community!

Karla Kelly
Karla Kelly, MPhil E-RYT 500 is a yoga teacher, music lover and DJ and the founder of the House of Yoga method. She’s also trained in massage, sound therapy and breathwork. Since 1998 she has been as student and explorer of the 7 main energy centres – the Chakras. House of Yoga’s logo is a depiction of these 7 centres.