I Have a Tribe

Patrick O’Laoghaire’s I Have a Tribe are one of the most intriguing, atmospheric and assured propositions on the Irish folk-pop scene. A consummate artist, as deeply immersed in concerns of tone and timbre as he is melody – the only absolute certainty in O’Laoghaire’s, by turns stark and lush, compositions are their shimmering, shapeshifting beauty.  

On the cusp of releasing his debut LP, On a Yellow Moon, O’Laoghaire continues to push his himself and his craft as he strikes a balance between diaristic self-reflection and the exploration of broader philosophical concerns with an uncommon ease and good-humour. A vibrant and liberated series of reflections on family, friendship and the importance of gratitude – we’re endlessly excited to experience the joys of On a Yellow Moon in the flesh.