Jane Groves

Visual artist Jane Groves returns to Body&Soul this year with another of her site specific installations which play with space and light. Janes largely ephemeral works move through a variety of media and materials.

Convergence is a development of Jane’s ‘Flock’ from last year and is inspired by the concept of change. Against the backdrop of the lush green canopy of trees is a piece, which subtly reflects a sensation of falling and of the seasonal change yet to come. As the name suggests it also evokes the coming together of people ‘a place where airflows meet’.

With ‘Flock’, Jane playfully pulls together a collation of varied materials to create an undulating abstraction of the random repeating patterns of nature. The result is as a shimmering bubble of colour, the ‘sum is the whole of the parts’.

Much of her work is highly ephemeral and is made for the pure delight of creation.