Julie Dupuoy & Susan Boyle: Fundamentals of Flavor Champagne Tasting

Understanding how champagne is the perfect food friendly wine!

Susan is a drinks researcher, drinks consultant and international beverage judge. She has presented her research at the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium and the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. Susan is currently working recreating ancient beverages including an Ancient Egyptian Beer with the British Museum, London as part of the “Pleasant Vices” Series. She is an award-winning member of the Beer Writers Guild. Susan presents drinks on TV3 Saturday AM, regularly hosts interactive tasting events, co-founded Two Sisters Brewing and brews Brigid’s Ale.

Julie was born in the South West of France, in the city of Agen. She comes from a background where cooking and sharing family meals together is an everyday occurrence and believes her passion for good food comes from her grandmother, on her father’s side. She was a primary school teacher and a very good cook. She would never, or very rarely cook the same recipe twice. She cooked instinctively, using her senses and experience. Julie has particularly fond memories of her kitchen wallpaper, it was graph paper in style and was covered in handwritten recipes with dishes that she liked. From a very young age Julie was also passionate about perfumes and one of the most memorable presents she ever received from her parents was a perfumer kit to create her own combination of aromas.

Julie’s very first significant memory of wine is from her 16th birthday. Her Granddad had opened a special bottle of wine from the year of her birth and she remembers being very excited by the idea of it and decided to start reading about wine to try to understand it better. A few months later, she told her parents that she wanted to become a sommelier…

Julie has been in living in Ireland since 2004. She has been lucky and worked in some great restaurants, including Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, The Greenhouse and she has recently joined the team at Chapter One Restaurant as a consultant-sommelier. In 2016, Julie finished 3rd at the ASI World Sommelier Championship representing Ireland and the Irish Guild of Sommeliers. Julie is also the 2018 winner of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier of Ireland Competition.
Her hope is to inspire others and to give them a little of the inspiration that she was fortunate to have in her early life with a view to opening the window for people into the beautiful world of wine and sensory pleasure.