Kendy Gable

Born and bred on a small farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Kendy Gable is an American singer-songwriter known for her exceptional voice. Gable’s music offers an opportunity to glimpse a tempered soul, showcasing what seems to be the world’s heartache. A victim of wanderlust, Gable has called Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles and the Catskill Mountains her home. She now lives in Berlin where she is working on new music with musician and producer, Claudio Donzelli (Mighty Oaks). Her latest release The Knowledge of the North Woods ponders on the duality of Gable’s life.

“The yearnings that I felt in the city were met with new yearnings while living in the country. It seems that perhaps I am a wanderer, a dreamer, a seeker of the unknown.”

Gable’s unique connection to the natural world and her experience of travel and urban life marry to create a unique sound that finds its inspiration in the unpolished natural world and its synthetic urban counterpart.