Kidocracy with Keith Farnan

Kidocracy is an interactive theatre show for children aged 6+, created and presented by comedian Keith Farnan (Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow).  Appearing as his alter ego, Brehon, an ancient Irish know-it-all, Kidocracy gives a young audience the chance to learn a little bit about politics and governing while having fun at the same time. The grown-ups have clearly made a mess of things and so Brehon offers the boys and girls a chance to rule the island of Kidocracy. In just under an hour, they must elect leaders, come up with rules that rock and deal with all sorts of crises because running the world isn’t just all fun, fun, fun, there’s stuff to be done as well.

“Kidocracy is a really entertaining, funny kid’s show with loads of great audience participation to keep all ages entertained and laughing. Brehon’s Irish charm engages the children straight away” Primary Times

“Funny, interactive, lively, intriguing and democratic”  Festmag