La Femme

This French krautrock and psych outfit have been making waves in France through ingenious means over the past few years. Having found the hustle of getting gigs increasingly frustrating, the group decided to do an extremely premature Stateside tour after a US booker agreed to help them out and find them shows. They arrived to play in the States while simultaneously releasing a small label EP back home in France, leaving the music industry wondering how they hadn’t already heard about this band with the US tour.

By the time they had returned to France they were getting the red-carpet treatment and their 2016 album ‘La Mystère’ only served to crystallise their status as the hottest rock band in France. Self-described as a mysterious mix of Kraftwerk and the Velvet Underground, 2017 will see the group embark on an Asian tour and grace the stages of some of France’s most respected festivals. Come find out what the magic is all about at Ballinlough.