Hailing from and deeply inspired by Nashville, Tennessee, Lambchop are one of the more enduring bands to come out of 90s America. An ever-shifting collective of musicians with frontman Kurt Wagner at its heart, Lambchop’s move towards electronica in their most recent release, For Love Often Turns Us Still (FLOTUS), has heralded a welcome and rich reinvention.

Released in November 2016 to a resoundingly warm reception, FLOTUS is an album that Wagner says his neighbours and wife would listen to, although possibly a version garbled through grocery store speakers and tiny cell phones. Kurt became inspired by a plethora of modern day musical voices across modern R&B, soul and hip-hop amongst other genres to create this great addition to Lambchop’s catalogue. While embracing a new style, the album still features the same beautifully nuanced arrangements and unparalleled ability to capture the eternal in life’s quotidian struggles. We can’t wait to welcome them to Body&Soul 2017.