Final weekend and day tickets available - grab yours now!

Light House Cinema

Light House Cinema is back at Body & Soul for the third year in a row! We have a great line-up this year so join us in our brand new location in the Library of Progress tent from 9.30pm each night for more brilliant film and of course singing and dancing!

My Girl

It’s finally time to experience 90s classic My Girl on the big screen. Vada lives in a funeral home with her dad (Dan Ackroyd) and his new girlfriend (Jamie Lee Curtis) and just as she starts to feel the sting of adolescence, she meets a new unlikely friend in Thomas J. (Macauley Culkin), a shy, sheltered boy. Movies don’t get much sweeter than this. Bring yer hankies!

The Lost Boys

Perfect late-night festival viewing! Get your gothic 80s party vibes to kickstart your festival weekend with the leather-clad vampires of Santa Carla as they cause havoc for the new family in town to the sounds of an amazing 80’s soundtrack.

The Neverending Story

Upon discovering a mysterious book, Bastian enters a magical world of Fantastica and is called on to help the Child Empress and young warrior Atreyu to save the world from terrifying non-entity “The Nothing”. Fairy-tale action of the highest order – who hasn’t dreamt of flying on their own luck-dragon!?

Stop Making Sense

“This ain’t no party” – Ah no it is a massive party! One big massive Talking Heads party in the Light House Cinema Tent on Saturday night. Kick off your nocturnal festivities with Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demme’s irresistibly danceable concert film.


What better way to finish off our weekend of festival fun than with the absolute silliness of Spiceworld. Join us and our five favourite 90s girls as we go on a wild adventure to ensure the girls make it to their concert in the Royal Albert Hall in time. Feel free to dress sporty, scary, posh, baby or ginger as appropriate!