Mango x MathMan

Dublin’s very own Mango & MathMan are two of the leading figures in the new wave of exciting Irish urban music. They have been making music together for several years as part of The Animators collective, but since 2016 have focused solely on collaborative projects between themselves. Their first release ‘Badman’ has gone on to become the quintessential grime anthem for Ireland and their subsequent releases have held their stature as the ones to watch on the Irish music scene. 2017 EP release, ‘Wheel Up’ is a collection of uptempo grime and rave tracks that encapsulates the raw energy and unflinching style of Mango X MathMan’s live performances which have been hailed as the highlight of nearly all of the major Irish festivals they performed at last year. It combines heavy bass, intricate and dark production values with razor-sharp wit and street culture. The Wheel Up EP is a bold characterisation of Mango X MathMan in its curation ahead of the more artistically developed and diverse sound of their forthcoming album ‘Casual Work’.