Mario Batkovic

Bosnian-born, Swiss accordion player Mario Batkovic has dedicated himself to expanding the possibilities of his chosen instrument to its outer limits. In a live environment, the restless, searching quality of Batkovic’s work transcends to plains that can only be described as cosmic. Singlehandedly criss-crossing the classical and the contemporary realms, Batkovic arrives at a sound that collides between Philip Glass and Vivaldi.

Possessing a staggering holism, the unique, almost alien, quality of Batkovic’s compositions spring from his mission to change the accordion’s perceived shortcomings into strengths. In Mario’s compositions the sounds of the instrument breathing and its keys clacking are showcased rather than shied away from – lending the work a bracing and singular percussive quality. It was this quality that first brought Batkovic to the attention of Beak> and Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, who have served as a strident advocates ever since – going as far as to invite Mario to support Beak> on their most recent tour.

One should jump at an opportunity to experience Batkovic live and we’re honoured to feature him at Body&Soul.