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Joe Mount hasn’t always been the songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist auteur Metronomy fans know and revere him as today. Eight summers ago, he was – in his own words – ‘25, constantly drunk, single and living in London desperately trying to be cool.’ Then a fledgling bedroom producer, his life was a restless whirlwind of boozy cab rides from gig to gig, grimy London dive to grimy London dive. But, instead of burying that wild-eyed time in his memories, Mount decided to return to it with an album he had waited eight years to make.

Cue Summer ‘08 in 2016, a smorgasbord of funk-infused synth pop that shines just as brightly as 2011’s The English Riviera. With standout songs such as ‘Hang Me Out to Dry’ featuring Sweden’s electro-pop champion Robyn and ‘Old Skool’ with Beastie Boys turntablist Mix Master Mike, Summer ’08 is Mount’s most funkalicious piece of the Metronomy puzzle yet. From the irresistible pull of ‘Night Owl’ to the fizzing near-rap of ‘Back Together’ it’s an album that underlines Joe’s status as one of Britain’s truest dance-floor trail-blazers. We look forward to welcoming him to Ballinlough…