Mr TC aka T. L. Clarke is a DJ and musician based in Glasgow where he runs the Night of the Jaguar parties out of the Art School. As an affiliate of the city’s Green Door recording studio, he’s part of a group of young musicians (including the likes of Optimo’s Golden Teacher and Whilst) that are currently making waves in the international dance music community with their own brand of raw and fearless, DIY, analogue, dance music. He now has 2 EPs on JD Twitch’s ‘Optimo Music’ label and numerous legendary live performances around Europe under his belt which made him a perfect fit for the Optimo20 party at Midnight Circus.

His music and DJ sets hop genres, encompassing Left-field Disco, Tropical Oddity, House and Techno whilst channeling the spirit of a youth spent listening to krautrock and playing in psychedelic rock bands in Luxembourg. His second EP, Surf & Destroy released in 2016 is a raw and ready record, created in a completely analogue environment and made with the world’s weirdest and wildest dancefloors in mind. His live, four piece set is sure to set the crowd alight as part of Optimo20.