My Fellow Sponges

Hailing from Galway My Fellow Sponges is a four-piece band with a creative union of two singer-songwriters Donal McConnon with his lyrically-led folk ditties and Anna Mullarkey with her lusk and elegant synth-pop sound, it is a fusion like no other. Founded by both McConnon and Mullarkey they were later joined by David Shaughnessy on drums and SamWright on bass. 2013 saw the release of their debut album Bonne Nuit with breakout single This Dream Song receiving the most attention for its highly ambitious, surrealist backwards video which accompanied it on its release. Both of the lead singers Anna and Donal have embarked on solo projects, Donal as The Curly Organ and Anna more traditionally as Anna Mullarkey. Winning fans on tour with their onstage theatrics and often unpredictable but seamless movement between musical styles and moods. Their music incorporates influences from minimalist, folk and bossa and adding to this sound are rich three-part harmonies and instruments including the cello, clarinet, banjo and piano into the mix. We cannot wait for them to bring their unpredictable show to the Food on Board stage this June.