Ryse and Shyne by Sunday Assembly

In 2018 Sunday Assembly is launching Ryse and Shyne a new ecstatic, uplifting, early morning experience. Sanderson Jones will be unleashing mayhem in the A.M. with a singalong, think-along, dance-along gathering like no other. The co-founder of Sunday Assembly will inspire you for the day ahead, rushing with endorphins and ready to be the best version of yourself.

Ryse and Shyne take everything that Sunday Assembly has learnt about creating transformational experiences and turns it up to 11. There will be inspiring talks, power ballad classics, and guided meditation, though adding to it dance and movement.

Sanderson introduces the session and gets everyone raring to go before we begin with songs. The songs will lead into Sanderson talking about the theme for the session and speak about ways that people can stick to goals. The audience then shares what they are working on before we go into another song.

The event then alternates between these different types of experience in order to create a deeply emotional connected space, that is at the same time euphoric and intentional.

Sanderson Jones is a unique combination of performer, speaker and social innovator. CEO and co-founder of Sunday Assembly he was invited to join the elite Ashoka Fellowship for social entrepreneurs in 2017 and has had his work recognised by NESTA and RSA.