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Science Gallery Dublin presents Mogees ‘Play the Forest’

Can a tree be a musical instrument? Can a forest be a drum kit?

Mogees is a revolutionary technology that allows you to turn nearly anything into a musical instrument. Using a small sensor connected to a smartphone or computer, all of the vibrations the user creates when interacting with the object are captured and translated, in real time, into sound and music.
Mogees is an exhibit at SOUND CHECK: MAKE IT PLAY, the current exhibition at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin exploring analog and digital noise making. You are invited to ‘play the forest’ by tapping on any of the marked trees you see in the area. When you hit the tree, Mogees rapidly analyses the sound you create, recording information like impact, strength, speed, timbre, and length.

They then transform your movements into a cacophony of new sounds in the forest.

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