Sleaford Mods

Hailed as ‘undoubtedly, absolutely, definitely the world’s greatest rock n roll band’ by Iggy Pop, Sleaford Mods are an aggressive, abrasive and opinionated post-punk duo from Nottingham. Unabashed in their lyrical support for England’s 99%, Sleaford Mods have repeatedly tackled issues around austerity and the denial of civil rights to the British working class. The Mods have described their music as ‘electronic munt minimalist punk-hop rants for the working class.’ and their recent release ‘BHS’ references the 2016 closure of the high street homewares chain owned by billionaire Sir Philip Green. Over 22,000 former employees were left without a pension fund, something that compelled Sleaford Mods to write a railing critique of Sir Green’s choice to spend the week of the final closure sailing the Mediterranean in a newly purchased super-yacht.

This isn’t escapist music, it’s politically informed, angry as hell and ready to challenge societal norms. Join the Sleaford Mods at Body&Soul and get fired up.