Super Extra Bonus Party

Super Extra Bonus Party have been on hiatus since 2010. Their story is an interesting one: childhood friends Cormac Brady and Mike Donnelly (electronics) decide to expand their existing musical palette by adding Stephen Fahey (bass/brass/vocals) to their ranks and begin working on music in earnest. Gavin Elsted (guitar/vocals) sees them at an open mic night in their shared hometown of Newbridge and begs his way in to the band. The foursome continue writing songs and the bones of an album form. Fleshed out by contributions from guest vocalists, in particular Brazilian MC and long-term live member Rodrigo Teles, they complete their album with 30 mins to spare before their mastering session. Super Extra Bonus Party is released and the band, at this stage solidified with Stephen Conlan (guitar) and Gary Clarke (drums), start touring Ireland, bringing their hi-octane ‘jump up electronica’ to ever increasing crowds. They are nominated for the Choice Music Prize for Irish album of the year in 2007 and appear at the award ceremony in the middle of an Irish tour, delighted that their work had even been recognised by their peers. They win the prize.

After the hangovers subside, the band get back to business. Recording sessions in houses in rural Waterford and leafy Terenure form the basis of a new album. International guests join the homegrown talent on the record, called Night Horses after some hoofed nocturnal wing-mirror vandals from a neighbouring field in Ardmore. External pressures being what they are, amicably and sadly after one last hurrah in a field in Mitchelstown in 2010, the band bow out.

Friendship is what kept the members bound through the intervening seven years; through new bands, solo acts, marriages, children, work, play – there was always something percolating. Finally, in late 2014, the decision was made to dust off the pilot costumes and take to the stages yet again. Rather than just trade on nostalgia, the band decided to not emerge until they had new music to present to the world. Super Extra Bonus Party have returned from hiatus.