The 8 piece UK collective which makes up Superorganism will be joining us on the Solas stage at Latitude. Surfacing in 2017 after a string of single releases including Something for you M.I.N.D., Everyone Wants to Be Famous,  It’s All Good and more they followed up with their debut self-titled album in 2018. Superorganism, the album, was described by Pitchfork as a “hugely accomplished reflection of the present, a magpie-friendly collage of pop all glued together by the laconic voice of Orono Noguchi.” The group as a whole is fascinated with big production studio pop and implement it into their music with a more down to earth due in part to the angsty lyrics and deadpan delivery which separates them into a genre of their own. A sure-fire memorable performance will be on hand when they join us at Latitude!