Susie Q Meditation

Inner Alchemy

Let’s meditate together and create inner alchemy with the power of our love.

Musician and meditation teacher Susie Q will be taking you on an inner journey to experience the immense power we all hold within. When this power is lovingly directed with our attention and intention, we transform our inner world. Our innate nature is one that emits a frequency of love. We can all move our inner world effortlessly into that space, which in turn alchemises our outer world. Come, let us meditate together, play and witness our collective capacity for transformation.

Susie Q, otherwise known as Susan Quirke, is a meditation teacher, singer song-writer and award winning social entrepreneur. She co-founded the well-being movement A Lust for Life and worked with The Soar Foundation and She was one of the organisers of Possibilities 2011 which brought the Dalai Lama to Ireland. Susie Q has been practicing meditation daily for many years and has witnessed within herself the life changing aspects of this practice such as rapid recovery from stress and a deeper expansion of self-awareness so she can be of greater service. Currently she is one of a select group of teachers from the 1 Giant Mind Teacher Training Academy in New York. She now offers talks, mass meditation experiences, workshops and one to one trainings so that others can benefit from the rich insights of this ancient practice.

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