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The Jimmy Cake

The Jimmy Cake formed as a 10-piece experimental rock group in Dublin, Ireland in 2000. In that time they have collaborated live with the likes of Damo Suzuki (Can) & Charles Hayward (This Heat) whilst drifting over six albums from a pastoral psychedelia to full-on kosmische psych, fully realised on ‘Master’ their earthshaking aural colossus released in 2015.

Now a lean 5-piece, their new album ‘Tough Love’ (released June 2017 on Penske Recordings) is part kosmische post-punk dystopia, part time-lapsed motorik stoner rock. Both sides menace and swell, playing with time and space before building to two distinct strains of ecstatic sonic pay-off.

Long considered greats of the domestic experimental music scene and uniquely mind-expanding in the live environment, The Jimmy Cake are not to be missed.