The Moonlandingz

Initially conceived as a fictional entity, The Moonlandingz are a “Ouija Psych Pop Super group” that fuse the rock sensibilities of Fat White Family with the synth science of the Eccentronic Research Council. After song ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ became a mainstay on British radio in 2015 demand was high for the group to materialise in the real world and lo, The Moonlandingz transmogrified into actuality.

Their sound is a unique combination of wild disco, glam and psych-rock which has enticed collaborators ranging from Yoko Ono to the cowboy from the Village People. Meanwhile their oddball mash-up of raucous and uninhibited performers have created memorable live outings that have left attendees yearning for more. With hit album Interplanetary Class Classics now storming the charts we can’t wait to see their on-stage madness this June.