A Tribe Called Red

Fusing the traditional sound of Canadian First Nations music with hip hop, reggae and dubstep flavoured dance music, A Tribe Called Red (yes, it is an homage to A Tribe Called Quest) have used their particular style of ‘powwow-step’ to discuss the aboriginal experience in Canadian society and how the world treats First Nation people.

If you’re an indigenous person living in a country that was forcefully colonised, it’s all too common to find yourself underrepresented and misrepresented, if not blatantly and systematically devalued and attacked. Positive role models and a positive self-identity are hard to come by, yet the Canadian DJ collective is a modern gateway into urban and contemporary indigenous culture and experience, celebrating all its layers and complexity.

Through the group’s positivity and tireless work ethic their message has expanded to global proportions with tours in Australia, Europe, Mexico and the United States and we can’t wait for them to add Ballinlough to this impressive list.