Over the last 15 years Vitalic (AKA Pascal Arbez-Nicolas) has been the person behind innumerable club classics such as ‘Poney’, ‘La Rock 02’ and ‘You Prefer Cocaine’ and a driving force of the ‘French Touch’ movement. Blurring the lines between techno, disco, rock and pop in fresh and inventive ways, Vitalic’s work has seen him travel around the world, bringing French electronica to a variety of international stages. After a decade without a release to follow up 2005’s ‘OK Cowboys’ Pascal returned in January with ‘Voyager’, which takes disco as its starting point for a cosmic journey of retro-futuristic beats.

The entrancing and shimmering video for ‘Waiting for the Stars’ gives us an insight into the mesmerising and vibrant performance we can expect in June.