Volunteering at Body&Soul

     volunteer applications for the body&soul village at electric picnic 2018 are now open. click apply below

Our volunteers work across a range of roles and gain experience in how events and festivals operate from the inside out. They are a valuable and much-appreciated asset to all of us at Body&Soul. We are looking for passionate individuals who wish to be an integral part of the festival experience.

The key skills required are a desire to be part of the fabric of what makes Body&Soul a success and a vital part of our volunteer team; any other talents you possess are a bonus. For students looking to work in the creative industries, music, visual arts or event production, it’s an invaluable opportunity to make industry contacts and learn from experts. For everyone else, it’s also great craic, with sound people at a beautiful festival!

Volunteer Terms &  Conditions



Body&Soul are looking for creatives from all disciplines to join the team this year and gain insight into the creative set up of our beautiful festival. If you are a model maker, carpenter, painter, seamstress, or anything in between, please apply to be apart of the Décor team.

Sign Writers:
Body&Soul are looking for creative sign writers for their signage team. Skills needed: hand lettering, sign painting, acrylic painting, spray painting.

Please include images of previous work in application, previous experience in professional sign writing is required.

Fabric Department / Stage Dressing:

Individuals with experience in set dressing, stage dressing or working with textiles and different fabrics.


We are looking for trained carpenters with a creative flair. Work includes assembling, repairing and siting wooden furniture around the B&S site, assisting our carpentry team leaders in creating new structures and furniture and assisting our artists/collectives/décor team to create their installations. Please attach images of previous work in application.

General Decor:

Individuals eager to get involved in the creative set up of the festival. Looking for those with a creative eye to help with general décor elements. Experience with hand tools preferable.

General Stewards

By far the largest part of stewarding is about answering questions, giving advice and keeping an eye on your area. As a steward you’ll need to be flexible, approachable and prepared to respond as and when required. Our volunteer stewards are often seen as go-to people for members of the public. Anything from where certain things are located, opening times, running times for stages and acts or where to seek assistance in the event of an accident.

Event Stewards

Event Stewards may take on a variety of tasks, mainly including aiding security and staff in manning restricted areas, directing people all over the festival site and being an info point for attendees. The presence of these volunteers is vital to ensure the public are well informed and kept in a safe environment over the festival weekend.

Stewarding Team Leaders

Our B&S Stewarding Team Leaders assist festival staff in managing the festival volunteers across the site at Body&Soul. They are responsible for the welfare and management of the festival volunteers over the course of the festival weekend, making sure they feel looked after.

Car Park Stewards

Car Park Stewards aid security and festival staff in running the car parks of the festival as smoothly as possible. They also help attendees get parked and direct them to the campsites.

Ticketing and Entrance Stewards

Our Ticketing and Entrance Stewards are there to welcome attendees, scan their tickets and apply wristbands as they arrive at Body&Soul 2018.


The Site Crew help us transform our fields into the temporary mini-city it becomes for the weekend. Site Crew positions are mainly for build and breakdown of the festival – leaving you with the weekend free to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Site/Setup volunteers are crucial to Body&Soul in the week prior to the festival. They help set up tents, water systems, signs, laying out exhibitor areas, managing deliveries and clearing walkways, ensuring the site is ready for opening day. 

Site Strike volunteers are responsible for breaking down the festival. These volunteers take their time carefully dismantling the festival structure in order to make the impact on the environment as low as possible and ensuring the festival can be easily resurrected in 2019!

If you’ve used tools before, enjoy following direction and working both independently and in a group whilst outside this could be the perfect role for you.

Reliable past volunteers are given preference.

Team Leaders / Zone Supervisors

Our Team Leader & Zone Supervisor roles give you the opportunity to take on more responsibility and gain more experience in event management. 

After selecting your preferred team in the application form you can opt to be considered for a Team Leader/Zone Supervisor role.


This position involves driving vehicles such as minibuses, long wheelbase transits, jeeps, cars and motorised buggies. The role involves the transportation of equipment and people to, from and around the site. Applicants must be over 25 with a full, clean driving licence.


Soul Kids is our family-friendly zone. It is a celebration of nature, creativity and all things magical. Soul Kids volunteers help set up the Soul Kids area and serve as a general helping hand for families over the course of the weekend. Volunteer Positions in Soul Kids are; Reception, Face-painting, Arts & Crafts, General helpers and Workshop volunteers.

PLEASE NOTE: All Soul Kids volunteers must be Garda vetted.


The Volunteer Support Team ensures that our volunteers have the best possible experience at Body&Soul. You’ll find them signing volunteers in, swapping shifts, giving directions and relaying questions. When it comes to break time, the Support Team will take care of your tea and coffee needs and make sure that you have a proper break. This team are in place to make sure you feel supported as a volunteer, don’t be afraid to seek them out.

Earth Guardians

Our Earth Guardians are our eco-warrior volunteers. They mind the earth by encouraging everyone on site to be responsible festival citizens, engaging and participating in waste management and other sustainability initiatives.

Their duties also include stewarding the Us&You campsite, surveying attendees on their mode of transportation, and ensuring everyone brings their camping gear home with them.


Our reserves are a group of volunteers that rotate duties as issues arise. This means those on the Response Team might be a steward for an hour, an Earth Guardian the next and something else before the day is out. Festivals are all about the unexpected, and this team is poised to deal with any issues that arise.

Receptionists (The Sanctuary)

The receptionists in our Sanctuary Area provide the first point of contact for people wishing to book a treatment with a therapist in our communal tents. Receptionists need to be able to describe the treatments on offer, answer questions if necessary and guide people towards a treatment to suit them. Receptionists need to be approachable, friendly and very organised!

How to apply

  1. Hit the apply button on this page to reach “Backstage at Body&Soul”.
  2. On the “Backstage at Body&Soul” page fill in all required information in the bottom right of the page to register your unique Body&Soul login. An email will be sent to you confirming your registration was succesful.
  3. Head to your email account and follow the link in the confirmation email.
  4. After confirming and following the link in the email, if you’re not automatically logged in, hit the log in button on the left of the “Backstage at Body&Soul” page to log in.
  5. Click volunteering in the white bar in the middle of the “Backstage at Body&Soul” page to be taken to the Volunteer Application form.
  6. Fill out the form!

Volunteer Benefits

As a volunteer, you will truly embody the soul of Body&Soul. Participating as a volunteer can be a challenge, but also one of the most fulfilling ways to experience the festival. We are so grateful to everyone who chooses to commit to being a core part of the festival.

As a Body & Soul volunteer, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your network to meet members of the events industry with years of experience. All volunteers will have access to the Body&Soul Volunteers Facebook group where you can keep in touch with the team pre- and post-event.

Pre-Event Support
You will have constant access to communication with members of the Body&Soul team who will be able to answer any questions you have in advance of the festival. Shift schedule requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability.

Body&Soul volunteers will have access to bus transport departing from Dublin city centre to the festival on Thursday, 21st June for €10 return. Volunteers will also have access to the crew car park.

All volunteers will receive thorough training in their specific area of work before they start their first shift. Through your work over the weekend you might learn more about yourself, what you’re good at and you will get to develop more competencies and capabilities.

On-site Support
You will have access to the Volunteer Hub and chill-out area. You will be provided with tea, coffee and snacks while on shift, a phone charging station, 24 hour managerial cover and volunteer support staff.

You will have access to a dedicated volunteers campsite within the crew camping area. This includes showers, regularly cleaned toilets, and proximity to the crew carpark.

Post-Event Support
Post-event, you will be able to receive references from the volunteer coordinators.

Shift Variety
We endeavour to provide a variety of shift times for every volunteer.

Anything else I should know?

When do applications close?
Applications to volunteer at Body&Soul 2018 are on a first come, first served basis.

How does payment work?
Once your application has been accepted, you will buy a ticket as a deposit. After the festival, when we have ensured that you have completed all shifts allocated to you, you will be refunded the cost of the ticket.

How long do I have to spend volunteering?
Over the course of the festival, you will spend 18 hours volunteering – this is broken down into 3 X 6 hour shifts.

Is there pre and post-festival volunteer positions?
Pre-festival volunteer positions start in the week before the festival. Site takedown starts on the Monday following the event and will usually continue through to the Friday. Post-festival volunteer positions will take place during that time. Please specify in your application which dates suit you..

I have experience in X, can I volunteer in this area?
Please check the volunteer roles section above to see if there is a role that suits your experience, if not contact volunteers@bodyandsoul.ie and we will see if we can find a role for you.

Can I volunteer with friends?
We make every effort to schedule shifts around existing friendships but unfortunately cannot guarantee that every request will be accommodated.