Wonderlust 2017 presents a compendium of creative possibilities that promise to whet the appetite and indulge the senses including a creative partnership + collaboration with The Irish Times.

A little stage of curiosities at Body & Soul, Wonderlust is dedicated to the mutual exchange of wonder and discovery. Wonderlust first staged at Body&Soul in June 2012, and was quickly voted “Hit of the Festival” {The Irish Times}. We look forward to journeying with you together in 2017.

The Wonderlust spirit is grounded in connection, intimacy & belonging. We believe inspiration can be infectious and get excited about looking at the world through a different lens. We present creative people, performers and ideas that are unexpected, that inspire and that present new ways of looking at the world. Wonderlust is a lightening rod for provocative conversation, experimentation, little moments of enlightenment and good old-fashioned entertainment.

By Day: Experiences, stories, conversations, exchanges and performances that feature the people, ideas and current happenings that are animating Irish culture and society right now. Expect participation from people and collectives that are upgrading the system and changing the way change happens.
By NightDiscover + savour a rich range of pop, soul, folk, traditional, contemporary classical and electronic sounds from some of the most exciting music artists around right now. Wonderlust is as much about the discovery of the new as it is about reconnecting with artists you already know and love.