Soul Kids

A playground for the imagination with magic, mystery and mystical happenings.

Soul Kids at Body&Soul is a celebration of creativity, music, play and the magic of nature, where children can be free in a world without schedules or routines. Expect spectacular acts, performances and creative workshops amidst the hidden pathways, walled gardens and leafy forests of Ballinlough Estate.

Each year Body&Soul unveils a new world of sights, sounds and stories to feed the imaginations of your little ones. Our broad programme features daily Kiddies Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Nature Trails, Funky Feet Dance Workshops, a Soul Kids Disco, Fairy Face Painters, Hula Hoop Workshops and more.

In addition to our extensive children’s programming we also provide a sanctuary for sleepy little ones at the family campsite. This year’s campsite will feature its own dedicated entrance, toilets, hot showers and family friendly traders. There will also be a Soul Kids tent in the family campsite; open early in the morning for yoga and workshops and in the evening for storytelling and hot water-bottle filling. Soul Kids makes Body&Soul a fairytale for the young and the young at heart.

Soul Kids Programme 2017

Eco-Unesco Nature Trails

ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s environmental youth organisation that works to conserve the environment and empower young people. ECO-UNESCO run a range of innovative environmental education programmes that raise awareness, understanding and knowledge of the environment, and empower and support young people to take action to protect and conserve the environment. ECO-UNESCO will be delivering environmental workshops for children in the Soul Kids woodlands area. Our experienced facilitators will lead nature trails through the festival woods to explore and learn about the natural environment and biodiversity. There will be plenty of fun and educational activities such as exploring trees and insects, seed planting, and nature art.

Earth Force Education

We are Forest School Leaders who believe our work is fun, holistic, enjoyable, creative, child-led, imaginative, gentle, resilience-building and helps give children the space to learn in an embodied, heartfelt way. Earth Force Education aims to make Forest School and nature connection available to all. We forage wild plants, learn about the lives of the birds, explore den building, woodland crafts, make time for reflection. We learn about nature through games and activities that are replicable and easy to build on and bring home. We will experience methods to give children and adults confidence and ways to feel more at home in nature, while building on curiosity for the natural world and nature awareness. For more information see

This is seaweed … this is goodness

Join us for an informative and family friendly session about Ireland’s ancient superfood. Make some tasty treats to keep you energised for exploring, meandering and dancing around the rest of the festival. Seaweeds are fun to cook with and also very tasty. Marine biologist and seaweed enthusiast Paul O’Connor will facilitate a very creative and entertaining session all about the wonders and joys of tasty seaweeds. Roll up your sleeves for a fun and interactive encounter and leave with some delicious creations.

Funky Feet Dance

Funky Feet Dance workshops are designed to cover a range of Dance, Drama and Physical Theatre styles for children. The workshops include Hip Hop/Modern Dance, Contemporary, Jazz/Stage, Drama and World Dance. Funky Feet workshops are fun, lively and open to all levels from the absolute beginner right through to the more advanced movers and shakers.  Designed to excite, enliven and exhaust; each workshop finishes with a unique performance of material created during the session.

Soul Kids Disco with DJ Will Softly

Will Softly is the Soul Kids resident DJ. During his time he has entertained well over 1,000 kids and parents with his unique blend of music and laughter! Expect the unexpected! Chart, Disco Classics, World Grooves and many more surprises! Prizes galore for all Parents and Kids who participate on the dance floor. Just recently he has returned from Jamaica where he performed “Kidisco” at Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth.

Groovers & Shakers Music Makers (Family Campsite)

Join us at the Groovers & Shakers Music Makers workshop where we will start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start) finding the rhythm and the pulse in music, experiencing an eclectic mix of instruments, songs about hippos, life, love and hammers. We shall sing at the tops of our voices until the cows come singing, stunning onlookers and parents alike with the flair and beauty that is our new found talent!

Your Mans Puppets with ‘The Salmon of Wisdom’

With the bag full of tricks and skills that we have collected along the way, we are delighted to bring you an exciting new telling of this old Irish legend. This is the story of young Fionn, a boy left on his own, trying to be brave. In a dark, ancient forest, he meets Aoife and Grainne, the Makers of Warriors.These wise women teach him their ways and send the boy to learn more from a philosopher deep in the woods. Finnigus spends his days by the river fishing for something that he has been searching for all his life. The boy discovers that sometimes things are not as they seem, and that life’s biggest lessons may play out in ways you never expected or imagined.

Tommy Baker is a puppet theatre director, puppet builder and performer since 1994. Tommy works with the belief that puppetry is a sophisticated theatrical experience, capable of reaching people of all ages. He embraces the old traditions of puppetry with an added twist, handcrafting all his own puppets in order to tell timeless, universal stories in a new way.

Hooperellaz Hula-hooping Extravaganza – Hoop Hoop Hurrah

The Hooperellaz are friendly hula hooping fanatics that love to introduce new people to the world of hula hooping. All of the Hooperella members are highly experienced, attending many workshops and conventions learning from all sorts of hula hoop professionals. They have worked at lots of festivals creating hula hoop workshops with children as well as kids birthday parties!

Come join the Glitzy Hooperellaz at their hula hooping extravaganza. A Super energetic, fun filled hoop party, to swirl twirl ‘n’ whirl your Body&Soul party. Jam packed with hoop games, guided dance lessons, and technical amazing tricks for the serious Hoop lovers. No experience required, age 6+ (not just for kids)

Hula hoops provided at each workshop, hoop tasting time to remember!


Kids Art World at the Family Campsite

Join us at Kids Art World for a fun range of creative crafts helping to inspire, motivate and promote creativity. Inspired by the circle of life, this year’s workshops will see colours swirl together for a range of workshops creating Kandinsky circles.

Fun with Felt allows the children to explore texture and feel of felt swirled together and creating a table mat /wall hanging of their own unique Kandinsky circle.

Kandinsky Circles: wooden/glass pendants. Create a beautiful pendant with wooden off cuts or glass pebbles using specialist pens.

Oil pastel works of art: create your own mini masterpiece with amazing vibrant colours using oil pastels mosaic art: create a mosaic masterpiece using colour card scissors and glue to assemble into a beautiful circle of colours

Magical Superhero Capes with The Bossi Tribe

The Bossi Tribe have been making magical masks and swirly poi with all mini festival goers since 2013! A group of children’s workshop facilitators bringing together a medley of creative backgrounds, the Tribe have worked with children of all ages through art, craft and music. Passionate about providing space and time for young people to explore their creativity, they strive to create an atmosphere of excitement and wonder to allow young artists to unleash their vibrant imaginations in a myriad of fun and colourful ways!

At this year’s workshop Soul Kids will find a more outrageous way to enter into festival fun by letting their inner superhero run loose! By creating the most wondrous of superhero capes our Soul Kids will fly around the festival in superhero style letting everyone see their many superpowers! Using only the most magical of arts & crafts materials the capes will shimmer and shine very brightly, just like our kids!

Busy Beadz Jewellery

Come along and join Nadia at her jewellery workshop Busy Beadz. Children will be shown how to make a bracelet or a necklace on memory wire. They will get to choose from a fantastic selection of beautiful beads.

Bucky’s Circus Skills

Roll up Roll up; come along to Bucky’s Circus Club! A fantastic opportunity to join a professional team of circus extraordinaires with challenging and exciting workshops where children can learn a whole range of Circus Arts, including the hula, juggling, diabolo, acrobatic manoeuvres, unicycle and much, much more.

The Fairy Face Painters

These ancient fairy statues are brought back to life by the music and magic of Soul Kids and Body&Soul. They come to join in the fun, to laugh, play and blow lots of bubbles. They are a group of artists who have been working with the festivals for the past five years. They have all studied Art to different levels, two of the fairies have a BA Hon Degree in Visual Art. They come dressed in their unique costumes that are handmade, with each of the fairies having a different colour theme. These fairies love face painting and transforming everyone into whatever character they choose.

Giant Bubbles

Back once again with their mesmerising outdoor display, The Bubble Guys will delight the young and the young-at-heart, bringing a wonderful spectacle to this year’s festival. From giant bubbles (and we mean GIANT!) to their fabulous garland displays, these Bubble Performers will be bringing smiles to plenty of faces.

Family Fun Yoga with Tanja

Let’s have fun experiencing yoga as a family team at Body&Soul: we might explore the african jungle, launch off to mars with a space rocket  or take a trip to swim as dolphins in the ocean. We do acrobatic partner poses, breathe together, play games together, sing together and then we snuggle up and relax together while listening to a story and letting our imagination fly together. Sounds like fun? Let’s do family yoga together.


Using recycled and naturally dyed wool and fabric strips, Ipsy Makes will show you how to make your very own pom poms. After an introduction explaining a little about the natural dye process and materials, children and parents will be invited to create and collaborate on their own pom poms in a mindful, meditative way. Take a break from the madness of the festival and unwind as you wind wool into fluffy little orbs!

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga works so well with children. It encourages them to be creative and silly. Louise Burchall is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and she usually finds that by the end of the session, the children are coming up with their own ideas for games which is amazing!

It is called Laughter Yoga because it incorporates Yoga breathing techniques with childlike playfulness. There are 4 basic steps of Laughter yoga. 1. Clapping (Warming up) 2. Deep breathing 3. Childlike Playfulness 4. Laughter Exercises


Maria and her team provide children’s entertainment in the Soul Kids area. This can include a mix of facepainting, glitter tattoos and nail art as well as interacting with and entertaining the children through conversation.


And more to come…

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