Us&You Campsite Registration

Important: Registration is per person, not per tent. You must provide the same email address as you used to purchase your event ticket to receive your Us&You ticket.

Thanks for your interest in camping in the Us&You campsite at Body&Soul 2017. Please read the guidelines and then complete the form below. Remember that every person that stays in the Us&You campsite must register via this form and provide their name and information. If you have others staying in your camp, please remind them to register to ensure they get a wristband to gain access to the campsite.


Us&You campsite guidelines 2017:

  • We operate a zero-waste policy, this means that everything you bring with you to Body&Soul must return with you or be disposed of responsibly.
  • Be respectful to your neighbours, the Us&You campsite is about creating a community of like minded people who look out for one another.
  • Be mindful of your packaging. We want as little unnecessary packaging coming to Body&Soul as possible. Use all your tote bags, bags-for-life, reusable boxes and bottles to try and ensure there is as little plastic on site as possible.
  • Be kind to the land and and water by using environmentally friendly shower products such as sulphate and paraben free shampoo and natural soap


  • We pick up a lot of clothing and textiles after the festival that people seem happy to discard. Be mindful about the things that you are bringing and try not to view them as disposable.
  • We support buying second hand, pre-loved and upcycled festival kit. Come and show us your best vintage get-ups at Us&You.
  • Have a think about your transport route to Body&Soul. Try and take public transport or a car pool where possible.
  • Follow the advice of the Earth Guardians (our on site sustainability watchdogs in green hi-vis) and make sure you use our bin system correctly for recycling and food waste.
  • When leaving the campsite pick up a couple of things for someone else and aid with the clean-up – many hands make light work!
  • Most importantly, when leaving the campsite, take absolutely everything with you including tent, camping equipment and all your belongings. Leave the Us&You campsite the way you found it.

If you have any further questions or your situation changes and you won’t be able to camp at Us&You please contact us at [email protected] If you’re happy with the info above please fill in the form below and join us for a weekend of guilt-free fun that is environmentally conscious!

Us&You Registration 2017

Us&You Registration 2017

Summer Solstice Weekend, June 23-25th 2017