Ériu is a carefully curated collection of nine visual stories, each one a tale intricately imagined by artists and filmmakers. Told in unique styles, they unfold ‘betwixt & between’ the secret whisper of dawn and the gentle hush of twilight.

In the absence of closeness, Ériu was conceived – an expression of a reawakened pursuit of something more meaningful.

Filmed against the backdrop of its festival home in Ballinlough, Co. Westmeath, Body & Soul has momentarily stepped outside of the live festival sphere and into an experimental, visual and musical journey to present this series of liminal tales, each one both a chapter and a journey spilling across the estate’s woodlands, lakes and gardens.

How to Watch Ériu

ÉRIU will premiere at Light House Cinema at 7pm on Wednesday 27 October – follow our Instagram to be in with a chance of winning tickets to the premiere.

You can watch the film at home for free, here on our website, from 8pm on Wednesday 27 October until midnight on Sunday 31 October.

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