Ahmed, With Love.

Ahmed, With Love.

21-year old Ahmed, With Love. has been carving a niche for himself in the Irish music scene. The Dublin-born Sierra Leonean hip-hop artist flips and flops from high-octane mosh bangers to tongue-in-cheek love ballads, handling each genre with grace and ease, all the while maintaining the same degree of off-kilter flows and wordplay with a breezy, juxtaposed nonchalance that is to be expected from the half-hearted heavy hitter. 

A prolific performer, Ahmed has cemented himself as a workhorse of the Irish underground scene, filling dancefloors and spilling feelings to audiences across Dublin. Amongst a slew of shows, including supporting acts for the likes of Lord Apex and Malaki, Ahmed has even earned himself a place of the Kojaque-curated Artists Against Homelessness event. 

His most recent singles and their carefully crafted visuals truly exemplify the versatility of Ahmed, With Love. Be it the street anthem collaborative track “Men On A Mission.” or the resigned heart-to-heart that is “Full Plate.”, Ahmed clearly demonstrate that sincerity is his priority and continues to find his way to our hearts through our ears with his ingenuity, creativity and originality.


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