SloMo A/V is the meeting of DJ and producer Chloé Thévenin, who works in the studio to build soundscapes (as four albums and many soundtracks can testify), Dune Lunel, Paris-based art director, who has worked in the cultural field for over twenty years (her studio has produced many visual identities, with dynamic links between image and text), and Adrien Godin, a young artist from ECV Digital in Paris (Visual Communication school) who works as an art director and graphic designer.

Together, they have invented a teeming, epic entity.

SloMo A/V is not strictly speaking Chloé’s ambient project, but an experience that could be described as immersive. Here, sounds generate images, or perhaps it’s the other way around: hard to tell in this enigmatic, hypnotic dialogue.

Each SloMo A/V performance unfolds in the same way: Chloé builds the sounds live while something comes to life on the screen, in the way the image is manipulated, the way it slows down, distorting the sound, drawing it out or spurring it on.

It’s as if you were glimpsing images of the earth (vegetation, mountains, riverbeds) but in the very same second, something else happens: the image is reprocessed, decomposed, remixed, recorded, taking on a completely different texture. Its range accompanies the repetitions of the music in all its conductions and expanses, and you quickly realise that it’s not really about recognizing: instead of it being a question of identifying what has been lost, it becomes a proposal to imagine something else, to enter wide-eyed into another world of sensations, as it’s invented before our eyes from the belly of the machine. Here, the mountain becomes a synapse, corporeal traces metamorphose into new sensory connections, into unknown cells. 

SloMo A/V is always on the brink of hypnosis. 




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