David Kitt

David Kitt is an Irish musician born in Dublin. He has released eight studio albums to date: Small Moments, The Big Romance, Square 1, The Black and Red Notebook, Not Fade Away, The Nightsaver, Yous, and 20.

Kitt grew up surrounded by music, as his father and uncles formed a successful touring folk group when he was young. He began performing live sets while studying at Trinity College Dublin, where he completed a postgraduate course in music technology. He then recorded and mixed the eight tracks of his debut release, Small Moments, in his bedroom, releasing it in August 2000. Small Moments was followed up less than a year later with The Big Romance, in May 2001. This album achieved double platinum sales in Ireland, strong reviews and remains Kitt’s best-known work. The reviews drew attention to Kitt’s creation of a quiet, intimate atmosphere with music technologies more typically associated with dance music. British magazine NME wrote: “his music is delicately innovative, with electronica and skewed beats skipping through the sparse, home-recorded lullabies ‘Song From Hope St (Brooklyn, NY)’, ‘Private Dance’ and ‘Step Outside In The Morning Light’.” The Evening Herald noted that “The Big Romance is a sexy record. Unusually, it suits both late night activities as well as making the perfect dawn soundtrack… this guy is here for the long haul”.




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