Dessert Island Disco are representing at Body & Soul 2022 with DJs Bláth, Andrew K and Mr Whippy welcoming you to sample the sounds of their Wild Atlantic Island Dance-shore Wonderland.

Dessert Island Disco started out a small private party back in 2018 at Sailor’s Bar beer garden overlooking Clew Bay on Clare Island Co. Mayo, when multi-awarded baker Patrick O’Reilly of Cornrue and Mr Whippy Soundsystem set sail with a crew of like-minded pirates and a treasure chest of records.

During the summers since, the open-air gathering has grown sea-legs with DJs Andrew K and Bláth from Drogheda’s Isolation Station joining the cockpit as co-skipper and helms-woman, with a crew of campers recruited amongst our favourite people, for a long weekend of sea-side music, dancing, and craic.



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