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Dublin-based selector EMA loves low-end frequencies. Her eclectic and euphoric selections, much indebted to her love of UK soundsystem culture, have been sending venues across Europe into a sweat-drenched hysteria since 2018. Woozy, EMA’s label & clubnight, represents the up-to-date sounds of modern Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Jungle and Techno that helps further her bass-obsessed vision through talented up and coming artists. Her DJing has naturally taken her far and wide, playing alongside internationally respected selectors such as re:ni, or:la, Courtesy, Objekt and Peach. She also held residencies at renowned clubs Griessmuehle Berlin & Yamamori Tengu Dublin with collectives Mango and Distortion. After a short break once the pandemic hit, EMA proceeded to produce some acclaimed mixes for Nowadays in New York, Juan Forte, down2earth, Ransom Note while also guesting on radio stations Rinse London, Rinse France and NTS Radio for Louise Chen’s monthly residency. She has since played on renowned streams such as Lot Radio NYC and Keep Hush.

EMA is also the co-founder of Dublin based collective Skin&Blister, a platform curated to nurture and encourage female, trans and non-binary creatives in the realm of music and the arts.



Jio. Found regularly behind the counter at All City. Co-brains behind the label/party Pear with Fio Fa. A DJ when called upon in clubs, festivals and other fine establishments. A man of many styles, most of them summed up with the neat term ‘Dance’.


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